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                   Dave looked around the VIP bar.  The room was just a whirl of shapes and colours, the ambient sounds of intoxicated chatter washed over him. He wasn’t in the room, his mind was elsewhere. They had just played the Royal Albert Hall as a band!! And they had completely rocked out. The reality of the evening was still in its processing stages, the adrenalin still coursing through him. He had the bug now, they all did, he could tell. He looked over to the bar where Julian stood with Tom and Steve, knowing that the look of childlike excitement in Julian’s eyes mirrored his own. They were a band!! There was only one person feeling this moment more than them . . . . . and as if on cue Noel came bounding into view. Dave caught Julian’s eye, they exchanged glances and smiling nods as both of them focused on Noel bouncing around the room. He had stayed sober throughout the whole evening and now a combination of that same adrenaline running through Dave and Julian, and his 5th beer in the space of an hour, and Noel was wired. He was running around to anyone who would listen to him, the first unfortunate victims being Dee and his parents.

“How brilliant was that? That was brilliant wasn’t it? They loved the band didn’t they? Holy Shit! That was electric!”

“Ju, JULIAN!!“ Noel turned towards where Julian was standing, bouncing over to his comedy partner, giving him a giant hug. "You were beautiful! Did you hear that response you got? Aww man, they love you!” Spying Dave he bounced over to the other side of the room

“Dave, DAVE!! eeeeeeyyyyy,  looking pretty hot in that suit”

“Fuck off ya queer”

“Hey I’m not gay . . . . But I would” Noel winked at him, then spotting Mike, grabbed his younger brother, putting him in a headlock.


Another hour passed and the crowd had started to thin, many of them heading off to ‘Dolce’ for the after party. Noel had disappeared to get changed. Being the host he wanted to look his best, which would inevitably lead him to being late for his own party.  Julian stood by the window, the lazy smile of the well inebriated on his lips as he listened to another rousing rendition of “WE WANT NOEL, WE WANT NOEL!” coming from the many fans still gathered around the stage door below.

“I need a whiz!” Dave declared to no one in particular.

“Congratulations!” muttered Julian, not taking his eyes away from the window.

“Well I don’t know where the fuck the toilets are, do I?”

Julian sighed and turned to Dave.

“Well . .” he began, “ you go out these doors, turn right, then take the stairs on your left, go up three flights . . ”

Dave raised his eyebrows “Fuck off Ju, I know there’s one closer than that!”

Julian just chuckled and went back to gazing out the window, at which point Rich came by, grabbing Daves arm “Hey Dave, I know where they are” Rich pulled him out into the corridor that ran round the hall “It’s just down here, dude! . . . . Woah, how cool is this?” Rich began zig zagging up and down the corridor “this place is huuuuuge” with that he out stretched his arms either side of him and began making aeroplane noises. After about five minutes of this Dave began to wonder  if following Julian’s instructions might have been quicker

Rich! Are you sure you know where the toilets are?”

Rich turned round mid-biggles impression, and bit his lip nervously “Riiiiight, toilets ye . . “ he shrugged “. . I haven’t got a clue dude!”

“For fucks sake Rich!”

“I know! lets play hide and seek”

“ I don’t want to play fucking . . . . “ Dave was cut off mid sentence by Rich slapping him round the back of the head yelling “TAG! YOU’RE IT!!” and galloping off down the corridor.

“Fucking retard” Dave muttered, deciding to head back the way they had just come.


He had only gone a few feet down the corridor when he felt a vice like grip upon his arm and found himself being rather unceremoniously dragged into one of the private boxes that surrounded the hall. Turning to confront his attacker Dave was shocked to see it was Noel.

“Ah man, what are you doing, I nearly thumped you one then”

“Shhhh” Noel placed his finger over Dave’s lips. His eyes were glazed and he had a peculiar look about him.

“Are you alright mate? You look a bit. . . gone”

Noel inched closer, his face now mere inches from Dave’s, again he whispered “Shhhhh” Dave could feel Noel’s breath tickling his cheek, a not altogether unpleasant sensation , if slightly strange.

Not really knowing what was going on, Dave closed his eyes to this unexpected feeling that had just gone coursing through him, his heart racing.

 Noel’s lips brushed his, shocking him into pulling back suddenly, banging his head against the wall. Dave became very aware of how firmly Noel had him pinned there.

“Hey, what the . . .” his words were silenced by Noel pressing his lips to Dave’s. Again he attempted to pull away, but unable to move back any further, a haze of confusion descended upon him. This was Noel, his best friend, yet, as he felt fingers running through his hair, he melted into him, parting his lips in invitation, giving himself up to the moment. Noel’s tongue brushed against his own, sending a bolt of excitement through him. Dave responded, kissing Noel back with an equal need. The other man’s lips moved along to his cheek, planting a path of kisses along his jaw line, whilst his hand softly stroked Dave’s face.

A part of Dave was still saying this was wrong, to pull away and run till whatever was possessing his friend had passed.  However the sensation of Noel’s lips brushing against his ear silenced this inner turmoil, stirring something within him, something bestial, and he was no longer in control. He was just a voyeur, watching his own hand run up Noel’s arm, caressing the nape of  his neck, entwining his fingers in his hair, pulling him back to his lips, drinking him in, intoxicated by him.

 He felt fingers running through the downy hair on his chest, suddenly aware that Noel had removed his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt. He pushed Dave’s shirt aside as he ran his hands over his chest.  Dave sighed, manoeuvring himself against his friend, as Noel’s hand travelled down his body, moving to his thigh and back upwards, gently caressing his balls through the now restrictive fabric of his trousers. Dave hardened in response to his friends touch, surprising himself in his arousal.

Noel broke away from his lips, looking down in amusement at Daves now prominent bulge as he tantalisingly ran his hand over it. Turning his attention back to Dave, Noel leant in to kiss him. This time there was no hesitation in Dave’s response, he pulled his friend towards him eagerly.

Noel’s free hand pressed against his chest, tracing random shapes with his forefinger,  making him sigh at  the warmth of his touch, relishing  the contact.

Noel pulled back, just enough for Dave to see his cheeky smile, and began to kiss his neck, moving slowly downwards.  Dave gasped as the wet warmth of noels lips encapsulated his nipple, teasing the skin with his teeth as his thumb sought the other one, massaging it gently in a delicious contrast.

Dave moved his hand down to his crotch, entwining his own fingers with Noel's, intensifying the sensation as they both stroked Daves erection, his cock now throbbed to the point of painful. Picking up on  his friend’s torment, Noel undid Dave’s trousers and slipped his hand down the front of his pants. Dave moaned in ecstasy at the feel of Noel’s touch, combined with him playfully biting his nipple.

Releasing Dave from his trousers, Noel ran the tip of his tongue along his shaft, barely touching him, the promise being enough to make  him quiver.

Noel wrapped his lips round the head of Dave’s cock, softly sucking on him as he ran his tongue around the tip. Dave moaned, digging his fingers into the wall at the exquisite torture.

Done with his games, Noel wrapped his hand round Dave’s cock and took him in his mouth.

Noel’s lips engulfed him, his moist warmth welcoming him, his tongue still working electric wonders, as he moved back and forth. Dave’s fingers found Noel’s hair, cupping the back of his friend’s head, he urged him on, encouraged him, begged him to keep going.

As Noel built up his pace, his hands moved to Dave’s hips, holding onto him, pulling him in  further with each thrust. Dave could feel his climax building, rushing towards its sweet release.

Dave cried out as he came, pushing himself into Noel,  climatic shudders wracked his body. Sighing he leant his head back, Noel still sucking at the tip of his cock, milking him. As he ran a finger along the underside of Daves shaft, threatening arousal.

The moment over, Noel stood, giving Dave a cheeky grin. “sorry about that, get a bit carried away sometimes!”

Dave barely registered the words, his mind  still a whirl over what had just happened.

“Come on ill buy you a drink”

“It’s a free bar!” Dave’s words sounded distant to his own ears.

“I’ll buy you a packet of crisps then!”

Looking down at himself all spent and dishevelled, a smile slowly crept upon his lips. Dave looked back at Noel.

“I think I need a minute”  he chuckled.

“Not a problem mate, seeya back in there”

As soon as he was sure Noel had gone, Dave fell back against the wall and slid down it “Jesus Fucking Christ!”

Hearing a melodious and gut churningly familiar giggling, Dave looked up. Dee came out from her hiding place behind a curtain, a broad grin lighting up her face.

“Dee! How long have you been standing there?” He struggled to stand whilst tucking himself back into his trousers. She continued watching him, that smile still in her eyes “long enough to get the right horn, I can tell ya that”

“I’m so sorry, I don’t know how it . . . “

“Oh, psh” she interrupted, waving a dismissive hand at him. “it’s not your fault, it’s not even his, he‘s just got this weird suit fetish” She looked him up and down, and smiling took his hand “come on hun, lets get you a drink, you look like you need one!”

He allowed himself to be led, thinking this night really could not get any stranger, his brow furrowed as Dees words sunk in. “suit fetish?”

She giggled, “Don’t tell me you didn’t know? Yeah, he’s got this thing about suits, finds them a bit of a turn on!” an impish smile crept upon her face and she gave  him a sideways look “ . . .why do you think Julian’s started wearing cardigans!”

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